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  • 人和动物关系的英语作文




    I’d like to introduce something about red-crowned cranes to you. They are very beautiful animals. They are about 1.2 meters tall. They have white feathers and red crowns. Their necks and legs are long and thin. They like living together. They are good at dancing and flying. They eat fish, insects and water plants. But there is much water pollution, they will have no food to eat and nowhere to live.

    We must take actions to protect these rare animals.


    Human beings are different from animals in many ways. one of the differences is the ability of human beings to build. it is true that many animals are builders. birds make nests, and bees make hives. but no animal could build the pyramids or the great wall or the eiffel tower. the variety, size, and beauty of the structures built by human beings is simply unsurpassed.

    Another difference is the ability of human beings to use intelligence. many animals are probably more clever than we realize, but no animal has the ability to write, to reason, or to speak. only human beings can invent computers, make use of solar energy. only human beings paint, draw, compose music, and write poetry.

    These are but a few of the differences between human beings and animals. it is our special abilities that give us power to affect the world for the benefit of all mankind. we should be thankful for those abilities and learn to use them in a more wise way.


    With human beings on Earth since then, we continue to evolve at the same time has been hurt those lovely animals. They did not at fault, they are only in accordance with the laws of nature live in peace. But since the existence of mankind , their homes become increasingly small. Some animals have even become extinct.

    In the extinction of animal, the thylacine is the worst. Thylacine in a long time ago to live in the vast prairie, they have been very happy, carefree. Since the arrival of human beings have changed their lives. Due to the large number of human enclosure, livestock grass makes less and less change to many herbivores to move to other grasslands. This herbivorous animals to eat the wolf bag, there is no food. They steal human animals. Farmers would hate the wolf from the bag, see a killing one, on this last one wild thylacine was also killed. When people should be aware of extinct thylacine, the protection of the park began last a thylacine, it thylacine only 48 days before the final days. And 48 days later, the Forever thylacine disappeared from the Earth, the Forever!

    Of course, not all animals are extinct human killing, some changes in the environment are not suited extinction. However, the extinction of some animals, human beings have an unshirkable responsibility. Since ancient times human beings have been cruel to those animals alone, human deprivation of their right to live.

    Now seems to have been aware of the extinction of an animal hazards. In order to make money, what people are willing to do so, they sell fur animals, shopping malls, the meat of animals sold to restaurants. But we can not shirk all responsibility to the heads of traders, consumers also have the responsibility, if there is no consumer demand then the traders will not take the risk. Human beings are still eating wild animals. For example: the snake. If the extinction of the snakes, rats would wantonly breeding, then how do we ... ...

    So each has its biological significance of the existence, they are in the natural law of survival. If a broken food chain, then another will wantonly breeding animals, and even a threat to humanity, we bear in mind the protection of animals. The protection of animals is to protect human beings themselves!


    As we all know, there are many kinds of species living on the earth including human beings. Under the protection of the fantastic planet, we are breathing the clean air, tasting the delicious food and enjoying the numerous natural resource, which the planet providing for us, to improve ourselves physically and intellectually. Although we have got the power to reach the top of the food chain, do we have priorities over animals and other life-forms, or even have the right to sacrifice lives of other species to obtain our own benefits?

    I think the answer is NO because each life-form occupies a special place equally and plays an important role within its ecosystem like human beings. Once human beings break the balance of the food chain, there may be unrecoverable destroy to the nature, which consequently punish ourselves in return. For example, the Sanxia Project does bring a lot of benefits to Chinese such as power generation and flood prevention, meanwhile, it also cause the extinction of many ancient animals and the dramatically change of world climate. People around have already been drought for several years since the Project is built. Human beings are too eager to get short term benefits to ignore what the damage will bring in a long term.

    It seems that it is paradoxical to meet the needs of both animals and human being at the same time. What we should do is not concerning on ourselves’ endless ambition, then taking a consideration of the nature when there is a conflict. For our own sake, human being had better protect the nature as well as making use of it. In a word, all species are equal to exist on the earth and human beings do not have priorities.

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